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TCR Industries, founded by Tony Rumfola in 1975, recognized its thirty-sixth year operating as a manufacturers' representative organization in June of 2011.

Our beginning was dealing in distressed inventory brought on by the infamous "oil embargo" which occurred in the early 1970s. A very large percentage of manufacturers requiring chemical raw materials overbought because uncertanties of availability requirements to make their finished products. Thus, when the curtain lifted ending the "oil embargo" caused shortages, there were staggering inventories interfering with cash flows. Opportunities were there to buy these inventories at discounted prices and sell at discounted, but profitable prices. The process was helpful to all parties concerned, and it helped in the start up of TCR.
As time went on, our focus was to acquire principals engaged in the manufacture of quality chemicals who required good technical and marketing

representation in the western United States. We have refrained from dealing in commodities, leaving that market to those distributors better equipped to handle large-quantity orders and for the most part, sold by those with "the better price". Our focus remains the same, meeting the needs of our principals, the best of attention and service to our customers with open communications for better understanding among all parties. Through the years our company philosophy has been quite successful because of excellence in personnel, integrity, dependability, key stocking locations and service. We welcome and thank you for visiting our web site. If you have any questions, please let us know.
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